Blank Custom Monopoly Game Kit


Blank Custom Monopoly Game Kit, Personal Monopoly, Custom Blank Opoly Game, MAKE YOUR OWN MONOPOLY GAME with our Custom Monopoly Game Kit to make it easy! Kit includes everything to make your own custom monopoly game.



Blank Custom Monopoly Game Kit! Personalize and make your own monopoly styled game with this blank game kit. Create your own monopoly easily with this blank game kit to start on your custom monopoly game.

GAME KIT INCLUDES (Matte Finish Paper so you can write on it, draw on it, and/or glue your own photos or images on it):
• 1 Blank BI-FOLD GAME BOARD (20″x20″)
• 1 Blank BOX (20.5″x10.5″x1.25″)
• 1 Blank DEEDS Card Deck  w/28 cards (3″ x 2.625″)
• 2 Blank CHANCE & CHEST Card Decks  w/16 cards per deck (3.5″ x 2.5″)
• 2 Blank MONEY Packs  w/ 210 pieces (4″ x 2″)
• 1 Blank RULES Sheet (8.5″x11″)
• 2 DICE (16mm)
• 6 PAWN Player Pieces in 6 Colors
• 12 Monopoly HOTELS
• 32 Monopoly HOUSES

With this Custom Monopoly Game Kit, you can design it on your own, then glue it right on. Make it the way you want, then just glue it on or glue it onto our blank game board first.  Either way it will look great!

Personalize your monopoly game! Great for school class projects, anniversaries, birthdays, vacation memories, holiday family events, christening gifts, bar mitzvah gifts, and anything you can dream up.

Need a starting point to design your monopoly game? Order a pre-printed custom monopoly game board print.

Too much trouble to make this on your own? We can make one for you mounted onto a game board! Contact us for details.

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